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Mayflower Animal Control

Staff: Lisa Kossman & Candice Jones
Hours: Call for an appointment (part-time staff with varying hours)
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Animal Dumping & Cruelty is a Crime in AR
A.C.A. § 5-62-101 - 127; 5-14-122 - A person commits a misdemeanor if he or she knowingly abandons any animal subjects any animal to cruel mistreatment, fails to supply an animal in his or her custody with a sufficient quantity of wholesome food and water fails to provide an animal in his or her custody with adequate shelter, kills or injures any animal belonging to another without legal privilege or consent of the owner, or carries an animal in or upon any motorized vehicle or boat in a cruel or inhumane manner. Aggravated cruelty to a cat, dog, or horse is a Class D felony if the offense involves torture.
City Animal Tags
Spayed/neutered - $25
Not spayed/neutered - $35
Surrender An Animal
To surrender an animal, contact Animal Control. The fee for this is $100.
Lost / Found / Up for Adoption
Check out our Facebook page for information on lost & found animals as well as amazing pets looking for their new human family! Call 501-472-5533 for any applicable adoption fees.